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New Staff

Every year we have the opportunity to welcome new staff members to the MICE planning team. This year we’re happy to introduce you to four great additions to the family who have all stepped up from past volunteer roles. (Another great reason to volunteer at MICE!)

Katie Omberg will be coming in this year to help coordinate MICE's mini-grant program, which helps support self-publishing by MICE exhibitors; in addition, Katie, an experienced event organizer in their own right, will be making sure MICE's Preview Night, to be held late this fall, in which attendees can get sneak peeks at MICE guests and mini-grants winners ahead of the show.

Heather Johnson brings their people-skills to the crucial area of MICE exhibitor relations, responding to questions and concerns of our exhibitors, the heart of the show. Making MICE a smooth experience for the creators who share their work is so important, and they are in good hands with Heather. 

It is critical for us to communicate with attendees and exhibitors alike on the latest happenings and our website is key to that effort. Bex Kirlew has stepped up this year to ensure our site stays up-to-date and running smoothly. And Bex, being multi-talented, will also be assisting with many graphic design projects to come!

During the show, a million and one things are going on at the same time. Max Foster will be helping steer the ship at the front info desk and making sure everyone can find what they’re looking for and dish out sweet MICE merch! Max will also be working behind the scenes to improve communications with attendees and assist with our raffle, mini-comics reward program, and more!

Cartoonist and illustrator Caitlin Scannell started her comics exhibiting experience at MICE and has since appeared at many other shows around the country (and Canada!). So we are happy that she will be joining the MICE team to work with our Special Guests, ensuring their visits are smooth, fun and successful.

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