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We’re looking for the latest, greatest mini-comics

Each year the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo enthusiastically supports self-published comics by awarding MICE Mini-Grants to independent creators. We are thrilled to be back in person and to celebrate the hard work and talents of our exhibitors with MICE Mini-Grants. MICE Mini-Grants offer funding to help creators print their work, provide focused marketing and promotional support, and a top-notch distribution channel for their comics thanks to our partner Radiator Comics.

about our grants

In 2022, the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo will award 15 MICE Mini-Grants of $100 each! In addition, a Special Guest Judge will select one of these winners to receive a Grand Prize: a total grant of $500. MICE 2022 exhibitors are encouraged to submit new self-published print mini-comics for consideration through September 19, 2022.

who can apply?

This year, only confirmed MICE 2022 exhibitors can apply for a MICE Mini-Grant.


Deadline to Apply: Sep 19, 2022

Notifications Sent to Applicants: Oct 3, 2022

Winner Announcement: October 10, 2022

our partners

The Mini-Grant program is made possible thanks to a matching financial contribution from PrintNinja. We are also excited to announce our continued partnership with Radiator Comics, which offers winning entries an open opportunity for retail and online distribution.

Want to support MICE Mini-Grants?

When you give a donation to the Boston Comic Arts Foundation 501(c)(3), you can specify that you’d like your tax-deductible gift to go toward MICE Mini-Grants. Whether it’s large or small, 100% of MICE Mini-Grant donations go directly to creators and support the best in new, local comics, year after year.

timeline for applicants

Winners will be selected from all submissions entered by Monday, September 19, 2022. Each application will be assessed by the MICE Mini-Grant jury, made up of members of the MICE Planning Committee. Applicants will be notified of their status by Monday, October 3, 2022. Mini-Grant Winners and the $500 Grand Prize will be announced on October 10, 2022.


july 25, 2022

Guidelines Posted


August 1, 2022

Applications Open


september 19, 2022

Application Deadline


Notifications Sent to Applicants


October 3, 2022

timeline for Winners


Start printing your mini-comics with the printer of your choice!


by october 9, 2022

Fill out payment forms with MICE and intent to distribute with Radiator Comics by October 9


by october 9, 2022

Submit your optional 1 - 2 minute video spot highlighting your comic by October 9


by November 1, 2022

Submit 10 - 20 copies of your mini-comics to Radiator Comics at MICE or sent by mail by November 1


october 10, 2022

MICE Announces Mini-Grant Winners on October 10!

Guidelines to apply

We’re happy to answer any further questions. Please send them to

  • Only confirmed MICE 2022 exhibitors may apply for the 2022 MICE Mini-Grant.

  • ​New self-published print mini-comics are eligible for MICE Mini-Grants.​

    • Hey, does my webcomic count? Sure, if you intend to make a print version!

    • How new is new? New this year or new to MICE 2022. Email us if you’re not sure.

  • An application and review material must be submitted by Monday, September 19, 2022, at 11:59pm via the application link below.

  • Only submit works that can be completed and printed for MICE on October 22–23, 2022. 

  • Review materials must include all interior comic pages whether they are finished or in-progress. Cover images or photos of the printed mini-comic are optional but encouraged. See sample PDF comic

  • One entry per person or creative team.

  • If your comic is in a foreign language, please include an English translation.

  • We welcome mini-comics with adult themes and content as well as those geared predominantly toward kids. We are looking for all kinds of comics, covering all kinds of topics!


what we're offering

  • $100 cash prize for winning entries and an additional $400 to the Grand Prize winner.

  • Winning mini-comics will be featured on our website and at our show.

  • Winners will have an open, optional opportunity for retail and online distribution with Radiator Comics. In order to participate, creators must be able to mail their desired number of printed comics available for sale to Radiator Comics by November 15th. Or winners may bring inventory to MICE 2022 and MICE staff will ship your comics to Radiator on your behalf.

working with Radiator Comics

How does retail distribution through Radiator Comics work?


Great question! Radiator Comics sells comics through their website to individuals around the world as well as stores and educational institutions. Radiator carries comics on a consignment basis, which means you send them your comics, and when they sell copies of your comic, they pay you 65% of the price. Radiator Comics has an automatic quarterly payout-schedule, so you don't have to request payment. Radiator Comics' distribution rights are non-exclusive, so you're encouraged to also sell through your own site/shop, and work with other distributors too! Have additional questions on how it all works? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

MICE Mini-Grant applications are closed

The application period for MICE Mini-Grants are over but pleased stay tuned for our 2022 winner showcase. We’re happy to answer any further questions! Please get in touch with the MICE team at

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