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MICE is known as one of the friendliest shows around because of our absolutely incredible team of volunteers. We can't do the show without you! Would you be interested in joining us on site for MICE 2024?

VOLUNTEER & Get involved

How Can I Help?

We're looking for volunteers to assist with the following roles:

  • Poster Street Team: Are you a Greater Boston or New England local? Do you know all the cool spots in town that have community bulletin boards? We need you for the POSTER TEAM: Join us around the city or your local area as we put up posters in local businesses to advertise MICE. This work is required in the weeks leading up to MICE. You will pick up or receive a stack of posters once they’re printed and track where you’re placing them on our postering map.

  • Main Lobby Greeter: Do you consider yourself “aggressively friendly”? Are you good at staying on your feet for several hours at a time? Are you extremely detail-oriented? You could be a LOBBY GREETER: Stationed at our show entrance, you’ll welcome visitors and help us keep an attendance count. You’ll also hand out printed programs with information about the show.

  • Info Desk Attendant: Are you a people person? Do you have a good memory for information you’ve recently learned? Do you have experience with using Square, Paypal, or a similar iPad point-of-sale system? You could be an INFO DESK ATTENDANT: Stationed at our information desk directly through the show doors, you’ll answer general questions about the show and programming, help attendees locate exhibitors, etc. You’ll also help manage the MICE Merchandise Table and raffle.

  • Show Floor Attendant: Would you call yourself “eagle-eyed”? Do you have good shoes for standing and pacing around for a few hours? Are you good at reading a map? You might be a SHOW FLOOR ATTENDANT: You’ll walk the exhibition area and monitor the flow of traffic, being mindful of congestion or bottlenecks as attendees make their way through the space. You’ll also help attendees locate exhibitors.

  • Panel Assistant: Are you sharp about keeping track of time and making sure things stay on schedule? Can you help fill a room? Are you a problem solver? Maybe you’ll be a PANEL ASSISTANT: You’ll help make sure panels begin and end on time, and assist attendees arriving late to find seating. You’ll also be available for the panel moderator in case anything is needed quickly. A nice spot to enjoy our panel discussions.

  • Workshop Assistant: Are you a teacher or an artist? Are you good at engaging people and answering questions? You might be a WORKSHOP ASSISTANT: You’ll work alongside the workshop instructors and help with setup, layout out supplies, and seating attendees.

  • Setup: You’ll help put up signs, assemble badges and programs, and make sure everything is in place for the show! This role is only needed on the evening of Friday, December 6, 2024.

  • Breakdown: You’ll help us pack everything away and take things down so we can leave BU as nice as we found it. This role is only needed on the evening of Sunday, December 8, 2024.

Ready to volunteer?

Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering with MICE! If you want to get involved, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator Olivia Li at

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