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Dan Mazur



Jordan Stillman


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Tak Toyoshima

Art Director

Dan is a cartoonist and comics historian who grew up here in Cambridge. He spent some time working as a screenwriter before returning to his first obsession, comics. He is co-founder of the Boston Comics Roundtable and of MICE. His last two graphic novels are "Lunatic" and "Hannabell Hobb and Her Horrible Heads," and he is co-author of the book "Comics: A Global History, 1969 to the present."

Jordan Stillman is a Boston-based writer, editor, producer, and voice actor. She's a producer of The Ordinary Epic, The Wanderer, and The Land Whale Murders podcasts, and a writer/project manager for Greater Boston. Jordan has lent her voice to The Land Whale Murders (The Author), Space Ranger 421 (Raven), and Take the Mass Pike (Rose). Learn more at

Tak Toyoshima is the creator/illustrator of Secret Asian Man comics, the first nationally syndicated comic strip featuring an Asian American lead character. Tak has also been featured in many collaborative publications such as Artists Against Police Brutality (Rosarium), Secret Identities (The New Press), New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei (SI Universe Media), Gwan (Forward Comix), Enough About Me by Richard Lui (Zondervan Books), RISE (Mariner), and many more.

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Barbara Ayala Rugg Diehl

Campaign Marketing Coordinator

Harri Chan.PNG

Harri Chan

Social Media Coordinator

Olivia Li.jpeg

Olivia Li

Logistics Director

Ayala Diehl is a mixed media artist, SAG actor, live model, and environmental educator. They received their BA in Theater and English and MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University. Their art work has been featured in exhibitions in 9 states across the country as well as internationally. Awards include the Speculative Literature Foundation Illustration of the Year and GreenPoint Earth Screens Award.

Harri is a freelance writer, video game lover, and amateur artist. Harri’s work has appeared in TechRadar, Polygon, PomeMag and more. They graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Creative Writing. You can follow them on Twitter @heyriette.

Olivia Li is a cartoonist and organizer living in Queens, NY. She gets really hyped up about art community resources, and contributes to that with event organizing! She has been on the MICE staff as Volunteer Coordinator since 2022, and dreams of one day building a similar show in New York City (because MICE is the best and she’s jealous). She co-founded the monthly NYC Cartoonist Meetup in April 2023. Olivia is currently working on her debut graphic novel, "The West Middle Mirror," at Andrews McMeel.

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Ed Shems

Featured Guest Coordinator

Paul_Hanna - Paul Hanna.jpg

Paul Hanna

Programming Coordinator


Bex Kirlew

Graphic & Web Designer

Ed Shems is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and has been illustrating and graphic designing for more than 25 years. Ed works in the education market as well as for middle grade books and early readers. He also writes, storyboards, and designs animated shorts for large and small companies. Ed’s current obsession is with writing and illustrating chapter books, graphic novels and comics. Ed is a member of the Illustration Advisory Council for the Rhode Island School of Design and a long-time member/volunteer of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Paul Hanna is a Programming Coordinator for MICE. He has written about comics for The Harvard Review and is a cartoonist who enjoys spending time drawing and cartooning with his kids. He is also a librarian based in the Boston area and has worked extensively connecting readers with comics.

Bex is a designer and illustrator based out of Somerville, with a love for comics, animation, and good web design. They recieved a BFA in Communication Design from MassArt in 2020. They enjoy cartoons, drawing, art meetups, and roller skating.

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Intern - Sadie Saunders.png

Sadie Saunders

Programming & Fundraising Intern

Saoirse Killion 300x300.png

Saoirse Killion

Programming Intern

Intern - Ariel Kohane.jpg

Ariel Kohane

Featured Guest Intern

Hello! I'm Sadie Saunders, and I'm a designer and cartoonist currently in BU's Visual Narrative MFA. I'm a Boston native and currently working on an auto-bio comic about my many years working as a barista. This is my first time helping out with MICE and it will be my second year selling my work along with my fellow BU colleagues!

Saoirse Killion is a Boston University undergraduate pursuing a Dual Degree in Painting and Comparative Literature. She is a poet featured in The Beacon, a student-run literary magazine at BU, as well as the singer of soon-to-be hit jazz-funk band Swipe Access. When she’s not in the studio painting with oil, making comics, or reading French novels, she can be found in the basement of BU’s College of Fine Arts building trying to learn slap bass (it's really hard).

Ariel is a half-Chinese Jewish cartoonist, filmmaker, and rubber duck enthusiast from Boston. She's currently an MFA candidate in Boston University's Visual Narrative program ('24). When she's not stressing over deadlines, she's usually watching cartoons, playing videogames, or stressing over something else.

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Amber Owen 300x300.png

Amber Owen

Exhibition Relations Director

Shelli Paroline.jpg

Shelli Paroline

Executive Director,

Boston Comic Arts Foundation

Dirk Tiede.jpg

Dirk Tiede

Workshop Coordinator

Amber is a cartoonist in both comics and animation. She strongly believes in the mantra “Creators for Creatives” and works in the world of animation and comics as a creative project coordinator and director with the goal to uplift as many indie and underrepresented stories and projects as she can. She also really loves cats, comics about cats, and loves it even more when she gets cat pictures in her email. 🐱

Shelli Paroline and her husband Braden Lamb form an Eisner Award-winning art team, collaborating the Adventure Time comics, Midas, and Making Scents. Shelli co-founded the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo and now serves as the Executive Director of the Boston Comic Arts Foundation non-profit organization. She lives and works in Salem, MA.

Dirk I. Tiede is a comic creator, illustrator and animator, best known for his independent comic series, Paradigm Shift. He works as a professional artist, animator and teacher in Beverly, MA.

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Max Foster

Attendee Relations

Heather Johnson 300x300.png

Heather Johnson

Exhibitor Information Manager


Catlin Scannell 300x300.png

Caitlin Scannell

Featured Guest Assistant Coordinator


Max Foster is an animator and sequential artist living close enough to Boston MA. With recently obtaining a BFA in Animation and Interactive Media, Max is beginning their career through comics and indie animations. Max is very excited about learning new perspectives from folks from all walks of life. Outside of his art, Max likes collecting little trinkets, such as bread tags, twist ties, and marbles (donations are always welcome).

Heather (they/she) is a voracious reader of graphic novels and comics. Outside of working on MICE, they can be found studying ASL, watching hockey, making zines, or spending time outside. They work at a bookstore in the Greater Boston area.

Caitlin is a Boston-based illustrator and comic artist, currently wrangling a webcomic she hopes to launch later this year. She went to the Rhode Island School of Design for animation (F/A/V '14) but fell in love with comics, and has spent the last ten years self-publishing and sharing her work at conventions around the US. When she's not drawing, she likes to hike, get way too invested in fantasy rpgs, and hang out with her three cats.

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