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Covid safety policy

MICE's public health policy will be responsive to prevailing conditions. The following measures are to reduce the public health risk for our attendees, exhibitors, staff, and the Boston University community. While many COVID policies have relaxed in our daily lives, MICE is a crowded indoor event, and there is an increased risk of viral transmission.

Masking is for attendees, exhibitors, and staff in all indoor MICE spaces. Masks must be worn at all times unless eating or drinking.

  • Necessary PPE will be provided, such as masks and hand sanitizer stations. 

  • Masks, Attendees are encouraged to register for Saturday or Sunday (free admission both days) to MICE to stay up-to-date with our safety protocols and announcements. sanitizer stations, and other necessary PPE will be provided.

  • Capacity limits will be in effect for the exhibition floor, workshop, and panel areas. We will also provide several satellite spaces for reading, eating, and gathering.

  • MICE recommends all attendees, exhibitors, and staff test for COVID-19 within 48 hours before the event.

  • Outdoor spaces will be made available and encouraged for eating and drinking.

For Exhibitors only
  • We are limiting our Small and Half Table Spaces to one exhibitor per designated space to reduce crowding. If you would like to table with another exhibitor, apply separately and request to sit next to one another.

  • We ask that only exhibitors be present behind your table.

general questions

How can I protect myself and others at MICE?

MICE believes in using all the tools we have available to us to keep our community healthy, and we appreciate your help! Don’t come if you feel sick; wear an effective mask, and voluntarily test yourself within 48 hours before the event. We’re all a few swabs away from helping to protect others at large indoor events.

What kind of air filtration system does the MICE venue have?

Boston University spaces and classrooms have double filtration, including hospital-grade in-room filters and updated filters in the AC systems in response to the pandemic. However, please be aware that any large-scale indoor event has the risk of virus transmission

Will your masking policy be revised at any point prior to MICE 24?

No. We understand that mask requirements have fallen away for most indoor events. However, it remains an effective tool for keeping our community safe during the cold, flu, and COVID-19 season.

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