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Artificial intelligence

The use of AI is becoming a hot topic, especially in the creative space. For creators, it’s lazy cheating at best and outright theft at worst. The idea that a computer program can scour existing artwork and offer it as material to be exploited, without the express permission or acknowledgment of the original artists who created it gives those of us with the “natural” ability to create these images nightmares (which I’m assuming AIs can’t have. Yet).

While much of the debates begin to turn to less egregious uses of AI, like content-aware generative fills in Photoshop or the use of software like ChatGPT to assist in grammar and spell checking, MICE’s stance is a little more straightforward.

Please view our official AI policy regarding exhibitor submissions and artwork sold at the event. In short, MICE will not accept submissions that use generative AI imagery instead of human-created artwork. It’s pretty easy; if you drew it, we’re good. Your application will be rejected if you have something other than a human drawing it for you (however, we are open to artwork created by cute animals). 

Feel free to leave comments below, as you will surely have thoughts and questions.

-Tak Toyoshima, Art + Communications Director

Work generated using AI will not be accepted for exhibition or promotion at MICE. This includes using AI instead of a human artist or any “trained” models using artists’ work without their consent. 
MICE has always valued and upheld the art of comics and is dedicated to supporting original creators and their work. The use of Artificial Intelligence to replace an artist's work, in whole or in part, is antithetical to MICE’s reason for being.  We also recognize the profound ethical issues AI platforms raise, including the scraping of copyrighted data.  
MICE assumes that all exhibitors own the rights to the work they display and sell on their tables or have permission from the rights-holder. If MICE deems that an exhibitor’s entered portfolio has been copied or stolen from another creator’s work, it will not be accepted for exhibition or promotion at MICE.

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