Special Guests

MICE 2017 is pleased to welcome renowned comic creators to our show as our special guests. They will be appearing at their tables in the exhibition area, as well as participating in various panel discussions and workshops over the weekend.

Michael DeForge

Atrium - Table 32

Lose, Leaving Richard's Valley

Liz Prince

Atrium - Table 33

Coady and the Creepies, Tomboy

Jason Shiga

Atrium - Table 31

Demon, Meanwhile

Kazu Kibuishi

Atrium - Table 26

Amulet, Copper

Isabel Greenberg

Atrium - Table 29

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, The One Hundred Nights of Hero

Mark Siegel

Atrium - Table 30

5 Worlds, Sailor Twain


MICE is a yearly showcase of independent comic artists and writers from the Boston area and beyond! On October 21 - 22, we’ll be hosting over 200 unique creators at University Hall at Lesley University (1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA), conveniently located in Porter Square. Check out the list below for the many amazing exhibitors joining us for MICE 2017!

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