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Exhibitor Intake form

Welcome to MICE 2024! We're so glad to have you exhibit with us and just have a few questions to ask and steps to complete your registration.


Step one: Please fill out the following form for your exhibitor listing and optional demographic information.

Step two: Pay for your table by credit card, PayPal or check.

Step three: Enjoy your summer, make some comics, and stay tuned for more updates from us by email.

exhibitor listing

Name for public listings in our program and on our website (if different)

What are your pronouns? (not made public)

Email address (not made public)

Website URL

Exhibitor Web Listing Preview Image

This should be an image that is representative of your work on our exhibitor page. We request preview images that crops a panel of your comics in square format 200 x 200 px.

See examples:





Upload File

Do you have a vertical display banner you will be using at the show?

Select an option

Do you want a balloon to designate your table "kid-friendly"?

We give exhibitors balloons to display at the show to signify "kid-friendly" tables and comics to make it easier for families visiting MICE. Please only select yes if every work on your table would be suitable for all ages.

Select an option

What is your Twitter handle (if applicable)?

What is your Instagram handle (if applicable)?

Will you have additional exhibitors at your table?
Demographic information

The next few questions are in reference to demographic data. We are collecting this information for our records and accountability purposes in an attempt to make sure our grants are as inclusive and equitable as possible. 

Please note that providing this information is entirely voluntary. All the following information is optional and private. You are not required to respond. Responding to the following questions or not responding will not affect your application in any way. Please select "I have read the above text" below to signify you have done so.

Please share your race / ethnicity:

Please share your gender identity.

Please share your sexual identity/sexual orientation.

What is your age?

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

next up: Table payment
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