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MICE Previews

Here is a sneak peek at the newest comics appearing at MICE 2023. 

Far Distant

A Liang Chan & Bulgilhan Press - Table 63

While completing their second cycle conducting research in isolation, this Keeper contemplates an anomalous transmission that describes something unknown, until their dreams begin to change and soon, a choice must be made: repeat the same cycle over and over or transform. When alone with your thoughts, what would you do when your dreams start talking to you?

56 Pages | $15


Chelsea Akpan - Table 48B

Maria's only wish is to find the love of her life. No big deal, right? The first episode of an ongoing satirical, romantic-comedy comic series written and drawn by Chelsea Akpan.

20 Pages | $15

cover - Chelsea A.jpg
91QaSbOCEkL - Erica Henderson.jpg
Danger and Other Unknown Risks

Erica Henderson - Table 54B

Here’s the deal—on midnight of January 1st, 2000, the world ended. But it wasn’t technology that killed it: It was magic. Now, years later, the Earth has transformed. Magic works (sort of). People are happy (sort of). But this new world isn’t stable, and unless Marguerite de Pruitt and her canine pal, Daisy, do something about it, it’ll tilt into deadly chaos. Good thing they’ve been training their whole lives for this and are destined to succeed. Or so they think.

26 Pages | Hardcover: $24.99 Paperback: $16.99

blue & red

Ellie Erhart - Table 34B

Blue & Red tells the story of the author being in an emotionally abusive relationship during the first years of college, and explores how gaslighting can damage one's sense of self.

48 Pages | $15

BlueAndRed_CoverImage - Ellie Erg.jpg
Inco Origins 2 page 1 - Erin Lisette.jpg
Incomplete origins part 2 -first day of everything

Erin Lisette - Table 65B

Following Part 1 of the story, where a forest spirit named Tarsey runs away from a demon who has infiltrated the forest they call home, Part 2 flashes back to the night they were born - revealing more about how demons and spirits work within this magical world.

32 Pages | $15 


Katy Freeman - Table 5A

Bloomers is a collection of quiet, absurd slice-of-life comics that follow dog, girl, flower, and other characters as they navigate work, love, and anxiety.

48 Pages | $20

bloomers-cover - Katy Freeman.jpg
FC - Grace Desmarais.png
elegy in bone

Grace Desmarais - Table 78B

A mini-comic about an enchanting Opera singer and the demon of music, inspired by Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera.

30 Pages | $20 

lost diamonds: a history of gender rebellion in American baseball, issue 2

Ellen Linder - Table 84B

Lost Diamonds Issue 2 is a continuation of Ellen Lindner's MICE Mini Grant-winning comics history of gender rebellion in American baseball. Issue 1 of Lost Diamonds covered 1700-1911; Issue 2 covers 1912-1932, encompassing forgotten stories of AFAB folks who loved 'America's pastime' enough to risk life, limb and respectability to play it. Love American history in all its screwed-up glory? Love rediscovering lost herstory? Then, regardless of your feelings about baseball or sports in general, you will enjoy this comic.

28 Pages | $8

LD2_cover - Ellen Lindner.png
cover - geoff mosse.jpg
spider web

Geoff Mosse - Table 6A

Leonard Spencer was a successful and respected private detective on his way up in the world... Until the night he was murdered.

70 Pages | $12 

mark & zark 5

Dan Moynihan - Table 44A

The science fair is finally here! Will Mark & Zark's origamibots be awesome enough to win first prize? Or will Marcia's top secret project steal the show? Zark has a plan to impress everyone using the Bigifier—what could go wrong?

56 Pages | $7

Mark_Zark_5_Cover - Dan Moynihan.jpg
Front Cover - Katy Finch (2).jpg
the pirate ship anthology - collected strips 2017-2023

Robert Bergeron & Katy Finch - Table 42B

An anthology of the monthly comic strips that appeared in the local free papers The Bollard and The Mainer in Portland, Maine. The comic follows the lives of the people who live on the streets of Portland and their adventures, hijinks and tragedies as told by a man who lived the life and his social worker friend.

60 Pages | $20 

of thunder and lightning 

Kimberly Wang - Table 29B

To fight is to live, to fight is to die, to fight is to become something unknown.


In a world where pop media meets military power, two idol-supersoldiers are locked in a world-ending conflict on behalf of their corporate nations. Battles blast across a dying land, both sides convinced of their own righteousness. Ragnarok looms on the horizon. Yet Magni and Dimo—young icons created for the sole purpose of eliminating the other—find their closest reflection in their opposite. Now, completing their mission means destroying the one who understands them most.

80 Pages | $13.99

ThunderLightning_SDigital-01 - Kimberly Wang.jpg
Hidden Systems Dan Nott Cover - Dan Nott.jpg
hidden systems

Dan Nott - Table 39

Hidden Systems is about asking simple questions about three systems that surround us — the internet, the electric grid, and water systems — and using comics to explore the complex answers.

264 Pages | $17.99 

tour de maine

Holly Curcio - Table 18A

Tour de Maine is a humorous and true story about the ups and downs of bike touring in Maine. What begins as a physical challenge, becomes just as daunting mentally.

24 Pages | $5

Tour de Maine Holly Curcio - Holly Curcio.jpg
1 - Vincy Lim.jpg
when she set fire to my friends' houses

Vincy Lim - Table 34A

Growing up disabled isn't easy - much less when severe abuse seeps under the surface of everyday life. A story of survival and recovery during and after abuse, and the hope that there's a life worth living despite all circumstances. When the odds are against you; when the police don't believe you and laugh in your face; when the authorities tell you to give up and remain under abuse so at least you can have a roof over your head instead of facing homelessness on the streets, and managing to pull through and escape and thrive regardless. Knowing that you're worth more than the life you've been given and making a name for yourself, even if it's reclaiming the name you've been born with.

156 Pages | $30-$40 (Sliding Scale)

just another meat-eating dirtbag: a memoir

Michael Anthony - Table 1A

A rough-and-tumble Iraq War veteran is young and in love, and the last thing on his mind is food and the ethics of eating meat. But when his girlfriend becomes a vegetarian and animal rights activist, suddenly food is all he thinks about.

178 Pages | $15

Cover with Tom Hart - Michael Anthony.png
Cover  - Dan Misdea.jpg
the light inside

Dan Misdea - Table 43A

In this wordless graphic novel, a timid jack-o-lantern embarks on a journey through an eerie forest after a mischievous cat runs off with its favorite toy. Publisher's Weekly calls it a "portrait of empathy, independence, and bravery that champions the literal and figurative light within."

40 Pages | $8.99

the dreamkeeper's dream: issue 1

Kit Fraser - Table 62B

Welcome to the Astral Plane where buildings bend, some people have beaks, and the cardinal priority is managing dreams for those that walk the Physical Plane! This is the first in a five part series following former Manager of Assorted Tidbits, Darlene Finbar, and her grandkid, CJ. Darlene struggles to adjust to retirement as CJ struggles in the shadow of her family’s dreamkeeping legacy.

28 Pages | $10

DD1_cover - Kit Fraser.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 12.55.45 PM - Carey Pietsch (1).png
just the good bits

Carey Pietsch - Table 75A

From winter 2022 to spring 2023, I made one journal comic every weekday. I made about 150 comics in total. I think these 52 are pretty good.

52 Pages | $10

birthday blues

Bithiah Holton - Table 9A

It's that time of year again. Birthday Blues is a comic about birthday depression, personal growth, with affirmations and lots of plants.

16 Pages | $12

IMG_2043 - Bithiah Holton.jpg
The Cola Pop Creemees - Opening Act - Desmond Reed.png
neighbors (and other stories)

Desmond Reed - Table 21B

Neighbors (and other stories) is a standalone mini-comic starring the five members of psychedelic rock band, The Cola Pop Creemees. Laugh and cry as you witness Ralph Jonathan, Mona Gertrude, Gil Christopher, Henrietta Susan, and Wallace T.J. tackle parties, baseball, video games, holidays, self-doubt, sadness, depression, anxiety, heartbreak, mental health, and more! 

48 Pages | $10

lookout station

Kit Anderson - Table 82B

Oak and their unusual companion are caretakers of an isolated fire lookout station.

16 Pages | $8

lookoutstation-kitanderson - Kit Anderson.jpg
Cover_Code - Alexandra Gallant.png
how to learn to code in ten easy steps while planning a trip to Paris and influencing people

Alexandra Gallant - Table 26A

A comic about finding your passion, believing in yourself, and making your dreams come true... mostly to spite one guy.

28 Pages | $10

my anxious monster

Brittney Bourne - Table 19A

A comic about struggling with mental health.

68 Pages | $15

M.A.M_ - Brittney B..png
Cat_Comix_1_Print - Ellen Chao.jpg
cat gang comix issue #1

Ellen Chao - Table 9B

The daily adventures of funky cat teens Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and To Do as they navigate new experiences: exciting job opportunities! Summer classes! Magic??! And more!

24 Pages | $12


Wayne Carter - Table 83

Ben is the absolute worst. Each page shows more and more of who he really is and why you should hate him. Currently, there’s only one person aware of how terrible he is, but the world needs to know. Ben sucks.

43 Pages | $12

BEN (mice)_Page_01 - Wayne Carter.jpg
I love content and media cover - Luke Peters.png
i love content and media

Beany Tuesday - Table 18B

A thoroughly non-comprehensive collection of Beany Tuesday webcomic funnies, circa 2019-2023.

22 Pages | $5

let's play video games

Maya Escobar - Table 12B

My partner played some video games this year and I watched and had opinions. Will Kratos ever smile? What IS the deal with Kirby? And why can't you pet the dogs in Zelda?

28 Pages | $15

IMG_2814 - Maya Escobar.jpg
HTFIL_Front_Cover - Violet Kitchen.png
how to fall in love

Violet Kitchen - Table 80B

An abstract, unraveling poem-comic about wanting too much from the world.

40 Pages | $15

declaration illustrated sampler

R. Sikoryak - Table 81B

The opening text of the Declaration of Independence, as illustrated in the styles of American comics and cartoons from the 1900’s to today.

12 Pages | $3

DECLARATION_Cover_Sikoryak - Robert Sikoryak.png
IMG_20230203_065208_532 - tori holder.jpg

Tori Holder - Table 11B

Haunt is a collection of spectral comics poems perfect for a goulish autumn.

22 Pages | $6

Julianne, jane: issue 1

Asher Lentz - Table 21A

As Jane gets to know Julianne, her weird doppelgänger, better, the landscape of their town, which is home to an ongoing archaeological excavation, starts to shift in both of their consciousnesses to match the spatiotemporality of each others' memories. Issue 1 includes the first two chapters.

44 Pages | $15

jj cover 2 - Asher.jpeg
quest 1 - main cover - extra small - The Classic Comic Collector.png

Scott Harris-King - Table 36B

Haunt is a collection of spectral comics poems perfect for a goulish autumn.

28 Pages | $8

sand: of wolf & prey

Erin Lisette & Alex Lupp - Table 65B

Kayla Red Eyes, the First Explorer, describes the world of Sand as a desolate place full of dangerous creatures like Dune Dragons and Sand Wolves. In such an unforgiving place, can a newborn Sand Eater find any safety -- any sanctuary? 

28 Pages | $15 

Sand - Of Wolf & Prey Cover Final Final - Erin Lisette.jpg
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