Look for the newest comics making their debut at MICE 2017!

Penina Gal - E138

"Orbiting" is a poetic comic exploring anxiety, insecurity, friendship, and the quest for community through a queer lens. 60 pages, 2-color risograph printed. (read more)

Adults Only
Newt Knight: Deluxe
Samuel Cleggett - E124

A fledgling Newt must learn to balance the responsibility of knighthood in the face of overwhelming odds with the help of a recalcitrant lizard wizard and a venomous princess. (read more)

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
Pope Hats #5
Ethan Rilly - A48

The long anticipated return to Frances Scarland's story. Life now plays a different tune for our guileless insomniac. While Vickie flourishes in Los Angeles with startling ease, Frances must endure the ever-shifting terrain of her immense law firm. Can Frances become a grounded person in the face of impending, boundless doom? Can she not drink too much? What's up with her love life? Find out in the biggest and most intensive issue of Pope Hats yet. (read more)

Adults Only
TV Head
Alex Graudins - E117

Patricia Chest goes hard-boiled detective in this new mini story from the TV Head series. When tv-headed cyborg Theresa Vicelli starts avoiding her and sneaking around with the hottest boy in school, Patricia launches her own investigation to uncover the truth and get her best friend back.

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
Little Figures
Bob Flynn - E135

A book of sculptures documenting some of my work from the last year.

All Ages
Because of You
Josh Neufeld & Dean Haspiel - C109

Created over a three-year period beginning in the summer of 2001, BECAUSE OF YOU is an unscripted, impromptu, dynamic dialogue between Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld, a unique two-man exquisite corpse that plumbs unparalleled depths of agony and personal humiliation. The protagonist, "Lionel," wakes up one morning to an unpleasant surprise. From that point on he faces domestic crises, public transportation, the New York City streets, and his own hyperactive imagination — all in the course of one infamous ill-fated day. (read more)

Adults Only
Six Songs
Ezra Rose - D16

"Six Songs" illustrates a terrifying passage from an ancient Jewish mystical text about angels, detailing the fates of those unfortunate enough to hear the holy choir singing.

Adults Only
Laird MacGuffin's Treasury
E. J. Barnes - E125

A nearly-wordless funny-animal fantasy comedy. Could it be that a fabulous treasure was left in an abandoned castle centuries ago by the legendary Laird MacGuffin? (read more)

All Ages
Soviet Daughter: A Graphic Revolution
Julia Alekseyeva - A59

The graphic memoir 'Soviet Daughter' provides a window into the life of a rebellious, independent woman coming of age in the USSR, and the impact of her story and her spirit on her American great-granddaughter, two extraordinary women swept up in the history of their tumultuous times. Soviet Daughter is the story of Julia Alekseyeva's great-grandmother Lola, a Jewish girl who lived through the Bolshevik revolution, a horrifying civil war, Stalinist purges, and the Holocaust, and who also worked as a secretary for the secret service, and a lieutenant for the Red Army. Interleaved with Lola's history we find Julia's own struggles of coming of age in an immigrant family in the US, and her political awakening in the midst of the radical politics of the turn of the millennium. (read more)

All Ages
Greater Boston: Welcome to Red Line!
Alexander Danner, Jeff VanDreason & Braden Lamb - D05

This mini-comic is a tie-in to the ongoing audio drama Greater Boston, exploring the newly formed subway city of Red Line, MA. (read more)

All Ages
Paradigm Shift Vol. 4
Issue #4
Dirk I. Tiede - B68

Former Chicago police detective Kate McAllister's life has turned upside down. First she discovered an experimental medical test turned her into some kind of werewolf Now, while hiding out from the Feds in the middle of nowhere, Kate must finally face what she has become. (read more)

Job Satisfaction issue 2: Hell to Pay
Jey Barnes - D16

Freelance summoners SInh and Lemme can't say no to a rich client who wants to shock his high-society peers by bringing a demon date to a ritzy gala. Good thing the succubus crashing on their couch has connections! [suggested audience 16 and up] (read more)

Adults Only
Scout #2
Patt Kelley - C90

There are creatures roaming behind Scout's house and people are turning up dead. There's a man who lives in a hole in the ground with the last dog in the world and another that wanders out to sea every morning and never comes back. But, what's up with that one murder? Why is it rubbing Scout the wrong way? 30 pages - Full Color (read more)

Adults Only
Stitchin' Time
Kriota Willberg - B81

For the first time ever, Celsus and Galen team up to stitch a disemboweled gladiator back together! Could these men have ever met? Heck no! Would this type of surgery have taken place in the 2nd century? Heck yes! (read more)

Adults Only
Happy Hour in the Temple of Love
Line Olsson - C112

This is a comic about love's impostors and everything else that supposedly represents love, but has little to do with it: perfect weddings, Valentine dinners, and people with unhealthy obsessions. Among other stories and snippets, famous love deities from three mythologies discuss the crazy love lives of the mortals during their well-deserved happy hour.

Adults Only
Little Gods
Leda Zawacki - A41

Inspired by a Northwest Native American creation mythology Mount Shasta and the Grizzly Bears. In Little Gods I divert into an alternate, female focused, imaginary mythology while keeping some of the main themes and symbolism from the original story. (read more)

Adults Only
Post-Apocalyptic Job Opportunities For Millennials
Talbert Johnson - C93

Are you a young person concerned about how best to adapt your skills as a barista or online content aggregator during the coming collapse of civilization? This informative, non-official resource provided by the Province of Ontario is for you. (read more)

Adults Only
House of Women
Sophie Goldstein - C108

When Sarai and her fellow emissaries from the Empire disembark from their ship, they find themselves on an unknown planet teeming with life and mystery. The natives, whom they intend to "civilize," are not as malleable as expected and their only other human contact, a man with some unexpected genetic modifications, only causes further conflict within their ranks. (read more)

Skeleton Party
Matt Lubchansky - A22

Collecting the comic Please Listen to Me from 2010 to early 2016, this collection includes reader favorites "Not-All-Man," and "Trash Planet," as well as some of Matt Lubchansky's best comics originally running on The Nib like "Great Moments in Peaceful Protest History." This book also collects the minicomic stories "Nature Show" and "Hair." (read more)

Adults Only
Alter Boys In Love
LB Lee - A37

A big gay love story between multiple personalities.

Adults Only
That Was Akwarder Part 2
Mitra Farmand - B63

More awkward moments from my life told in four panel vignettes. Great for people with short attention spans.

The Big Picture
Michelle Zhuang - A47

A short autobiographical comic about Chinese beauty standards and growing up Chinese-American.

All Ages
Jeb The Incubus
Declan McCarthy - C93

A collection of comic strips following Jeb, a gay incubus. The lazy Beetlejuice of one night stands, Jeb is a hero for all generations.

Adults Only
Paper Pencil Life #5
Summer Pierre - D18

The 5th issue of Summer Pierre's acclaimed series Paper Pencil Life includes short stories about childhood, mixed tapes, loss, old sitcoms & so much more! (read more)

Adults Only
Nonsense Thoughts
Chris Collins - B67

Over 200 sketchbook comics from the past 8 years. Within the pages you'll find humor, inspiration, and much more. (read more)

Adults Only
Jessi Zabarsky - E115

A folk tale about eating the rich.

All Ages
Billy Johnson and his Duck are Explorers #4
Mathew New - E123

Amateur explorer Billy Johnson and his trusty duck, Barrace, return for their fourth full length adventure! Can they make their way through every one of the dangerous Hero Trials? And what waits for them at the end? (read more)

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
Jeremy Thomas Vol. 1
Neil Johnson - E137

Jeremy Thomas Vol. 1 is an ongoing all-ages comic that explores the topics of discovery, friendship, and empathy.

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
Legends of Fomora - #2
Pat Nietupski - B66

The second chapter in the Legends of Fomora saga follows a young girl on her quest to fight monsters! Join Baeve and her best friend as the explore a dark cavern where nothing is quite what it seems. Available individually or as part of a bundle with #1 and the Bestiary companion book. (read more)

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
The Eternal Rocks
Amelia Onorato - C108

What if the movie 50 First Dates took place in the Edwardian Era, between a proper English lady and a shape-shifting, gender-fluid sea monster? 32 pages, black and white. $5. (read more)

All Ages
Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared
Alison Wilgus and Molly Brooks - B87

Katharine Wright, sister to Orville and Wilbur, narrates this tour through the early history of aviation and the physics of flight! Part of First Second's "Science Comics" series. (read more)

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
The Fairy Warriors
Catalina Rufin - C105

The Fairy Warriors are a scrappy group of teenage fairies (plus a dog and a human Druid) who fight evil forces and their own inner demons, while learning to heal and love. (read more)

All Ages
O Human Star Volume 2
Blue Delliquanti - A39

The second print volume of Blue Delliquanti's comic O Human Star, published online since 2012. An influential inventor who wakes up in a robot body 16 years after his untimely death must now reassemble his life and relationships, though both prove more difficult than anyone could have ever imagined. (read more)

Adults Only
Graveyard Shakes
Laura Terry - E122

Victoria and Katia are sisters who went from rural farm to a fancy boarding school far away from their parents, where their faded, second hand uniforms don't help them fit in. At the private school, they discover a ramshackle graveyard and accidentally tumble into the underworld, and into the clutches of mischievous ghosts and an evil necromancer. (read more)

All Ages
Adorable Empire Volume 2
Laura Terry - E122

Laura Terry's adorable woodland creatures return in Adorable Empire Vol. 2 to fend for themselves on the mean streets of Manhattan. Will they survive? The only thing for certain is that there will be destruction and it will be  chockfull of cuteness. (read more)

All Ages
Flutter, Volume Three: Rid of Me
Writer: Jennie Wood, Artist: Jeff McComsey, Colorist: Chris Goodwin, Editor/Letterer: Jeff McClelland - D16

In the final volume of this award-winning, critically acclaimed sci-fi graphic novel series, teenage shapeshifter Lily gets trapped in the body of the President of the United States who is also Lily's long lost mother. Forced to see the world through her mother's eyes, and through the eyes of someone with great responsibility, Lily finally embraces who she is and what she's capable of doing. Flutter, Volume Three's release date is Oct. 21, debuting at MICE, which was the place where Flutter first made its debut five years ago. (read more)

Memories of a Former Porcelain Doll
Jarad Greene - D19

Part comedy, drama, and body horror, this memoir explores the rollercoaster of an acne-filled adolescence and the journey to find clarity. Part one, 32-pages. (read more)

All Ages
Kelly Fernandez - A50

A mini comic about how I became a nanny, and how it taught me to love myself, my family, and my heritage. Recipient of the CAKE 2017 Cupcake Award. (read more)

All Ages
Queer Thrills: Close Encounter
Allie Kleber - C94

QUEER THRILLS is an ongoing series of lighthearted queer erotic comics exploring classic genre tropes. In CLOSE ENCOUNTER, the truth isn't just out there ... it's getting up close and personal! (read more)

Adults Only
Ian Richardson - B77

Set in New England around 1890 Wendigo tells of a family trying to survive a harsh winter, and an evil spirit hell bent on driving them insane.

Adults Only
What Happened to John Crowley
Ian Richardson - B77

Found footage comic comprised of police reports, news clippings, crime scenes photos and letters sent and received. A horror comic about what happened to John Crowley.

Adults Only
Screwed Up
Konstantin Steshenko - A48

You ever watch one of those cringe inducing marriage proposals on Youtube, the ones where the unlucky girl runs off angry with embarrassment and the clueless guy has no idea how it could have possibly gone wrong? And everyone is just watching, mortified? This is one of those stories. Jeremy is a constantly down on his luck guy who has the brilliant idea to propose to his ex at the place where they first met, a very public and busy subway platform in New York. Things do not go according to plan. And then things get horribly, horrifically worse. (read more)

Adults Only
Level Up 2
Soumya Dhulekar and Nicole Rodrigues - E131

Level up is a comic series that illustrates stories of female friendship, first-generation immigrants, and millennials living in the city. Level up 2 is about the standards that immigrant families have with their kids. (read more)

All Ages, Adults Only
French Man's Cove
Arby Essex - D19

Jamaican queers romancing on the beach at night.

Phil Amara & Tina Pratt - C98

Four genius middle-school kids leave their life of homework and school buses to transport to adventures on a planet gone wild. This is a strange, primordial world with a talking T-Rex, mutated monsters, and five-eyed sharks. It's up to the quartet to put the planet's crazy ecology right, while testing their inventions and proving their friendships in ways they could never imagine. (read more)

All Ages
Spa Daze
Anna Christine - B78

Spa Daze is a based-on-a-true-story about a mother, a daughter, her friend, and a hot tub. Through awkwardness and nausea, this comic turns the lens of different generations of women on feminism. Also, boobs! (read more)

All Ages, Adults Only
Fury's Forge
Zack Rocklin-Waltch and Tessa Beatrice - C102

Five kids wake up in a mysterious facility - they don't know each other, they don't know where they are, and they don't know how they got there. But they do know that everything in the facility is trying to kill them so they must work together in order to survive. (read more)

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
Carpe Diem
Ally Shwed - E118

'Carpe Diem' is the story of a hungry cat who happens upon a little lost fish. Upon taking the fish home, our protagonist is soon faced with the problem of what to do when your canned tuna runs out and your fishy little friend is the only food left in your house. (read more)

All Ages, Kid-Friendly
Abby Jackson
Scott Springer - C101

What happens when you accidentally end up in another galaxy and gain superpowers? You get trapped between warring alien alliances, probably turn in your homework late, and maybe develop a crush or two.

All Ages
Alexis Ziritt & Fabian Rangel Jr. - A48

Psychedelic pulp. Satanic noir. The story of three unusual agents of order trying to bring justice to a world on the brink of chaos. The pulp of yesterday retold through the lens of modern, over-the-top, psychedelic storytelling. The team that took the indie world by storm with SPACE RIDERS sets their sights on pulpy supernatural action/adventure! (read more)

Adults Only
My Sh*t Brain
Madeleine Thomas Brackett - E124

Chronicling life with my Brain, who can be a bit of a handful! (read more)

Mick Cusimano - C101

ImagineNation a new book. a collection of comic strips about the film industry by Mick Cusimano (read more)

All Ages
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