Debut Comics 2013

MICE has comics for all ages and all interests. Here’s a preview of the latest and greatest you’ll find at this year’s show! Exhibitors with new comics will have an official MICE Debut cheese wedge to point out their new books.

The Adventures of Painless Parker

Zoe Piel

Dr. Edgar Parker only moved to New York to make a digniÞed living as a dentist – but when his friend Bill Beebe decides to take him under his wing, Dr. Parker must make an unexpected house callÉ With treatments and tactics too outrageous for polite society, Painless Parker is no ordinary dentist! The Adventures of Painless Parker is a comic tall tale inspired by the real life of Dr. Edgar “Painless” Parker, the most irreverent dentist of the 20th century.

MICE Mini-Grant Winner!

Going, Going, Dragon!

Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue

The finale of GUINEA PIG PET SHOP PRIVATE EYE series – the Eisner-nominated mystery series for kids (and awesome adults) – GOING, GOING DRAGON! will be debuting at MICE. Guinea pig detective Sasspants and her hamster sidekick Hamisher have decided to retire from sleuthing, but when the pet shop is in danger of going bankrupt they return for one last case to save all their friends. http://www.colleenaf.com/bookscomics


Edited by Bob Flynn and Dan Moynihan
A monsters kid friendly anthology in two colors by Dan Moynihan, Rachel Dukes, Owen Heitmann, Clayton McCormack, John Lechner, Ansis Purins, Jef Czekaj, Michael Lee Harris, Greg Cook, Eric Boeker and Jerel Dye. With an amazing Cover by Bob Flynn. The Hellbound Horror Comics Anthology is part of The Boston Comics Roundtable. Published by River Bird Comics.


Barbarian Lord: The Draugr

Matt Smith

Barbarian Lord visits the local mead brewery and and encounters an unruly visitor. This is the second Barbarian Lord short story issue and the second to debut at MICE.

The Snapdragon Queen

Carey Pietsch

The Snapdragon Queen is a fairy tale about mysterious forces, malevolent courtiers, and a very brave ruler. Set in an idyllic nation in a distant past, it plumbs nature’s power and the force of human will. (And the joys and perils of gardening!) Written in timeless verse, it’s a story to savor again and again.


5.5″ x 8.5″, 42 pages, $4, B&W with full color cover.

Parental guidance recommended – more towards the Grimm end of the fairy tale spectrum than the Disney one!


Michael LaRiccia

Action, mystery, and revenge combine as a team of ex-child slaves are reunited to return to the prison that transformed them into vicious soldiers. Michael LaRiccia, author of Black Mane and TOO FAST, returns with his love letter to the Dark Age of comics. www.michaellariccia.com

Flutter, Volume One: Hell Can Wait

Written by Jennie Wood, Art by Jeff McComsey

Flutter, Volume One: Hell Can Wait is the full color, 110-page graphic novel, published earlier this year by 215 Ink. Flutter is about a 15 year-old girl who shape-shifts into a boy to get the girl. Chaos ensues from pretending to be someone she’s not. While coming to terms with who she really is and what she’s done, Lily learns that life as a boy is just as difficult.

The Advocate calls Flutter one of the best LGBT graphic novels of 2013. Flutter is for ages 15 and up. More information, including a free preview of the entire first chapter, is available here: http://flutter.215ink.com/

Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too: Volume Two

Maria Burnham, Maggie Siegel-Berele

The memoirs of a Bisexual Christian, her lesbian sister, and two Boston Terriers. Not kid-friendly, unfortunately. http://jesusloveslesbianstoo.com/


Rick Pinchera

Therman is just an ordinary vacuum flask trying to make his way in the world. It turns out that it’s not so easy for an insulated storage vessel out there. Will Therman find out what really moves him? Find out in my MICE debut comic.

This is an all-ages/kid friendly comic.

Look for some preview images here: http://rickpinchera.tumblr.com/

Dungeon Master

Jonathan Pinchera

Most people would heed the warning sign above a deep hole that says “Enter Not!” Most people…

Jonathan is a 14 year old artist making his MICE debut with “Dungeon Master”.

This is an all-ages/kid friendly comic.

The Devil & Jack O’Brien

John Boveri

Jack O’Brien has a chance to win the girl of his dreams. But, like all good love storiesÉIt’s complicated. How can an ordinary guy hope to defeat the Devil himselfÉand just how far will he go for love?


(There is some adult language; it’s not an ‘adults only’ book, but it’s not for kids)

A Stray in the Woods

Alison Wilgus

The story of a cat, a mysteriously empty house, and a dark foreboding forest.

During its original run as a webcomic on Tumblr, this comic was a collaboration between me, Alison Wilgus, and its readers. After each update, I took suggestions as to what Cat should do; when I sat down to draw, I would read through all of the ÒcommandsÓ that had been submitted and select one as the basis for the next page.

You can read the entire comic online at: alisonwilgus.com/astray/

all ages, paperback, 256 full-color pages, 5 x 7

Visiting NASA #1

Alison Wilgus

Originally featured on Tor.com, this nonfiction minicomic details the two days I spent at Kennedy Space Center earlier this year, meeting NASA scientists and engineers and learning about satellites, space communications, regolith mining, the future of spaceflight and what goes into the launch of an Atlas V.

You can read the entire comic online at: http://www.tor.com/stories/2013/07/nasa-comic-alison-wilgus

all ages, non-fiction, 32 pages, B&W

The Good Kind of Crazy

Alison Wilgus

My response to a class of high schoolers looking for advice on how to make comics, for a living or otherwise.

8 B&W pages, one-sheet mini

SLOVAKIA: Fall in the Heart of Europe

Marek Bennett


With his trusty travel sketchbook and ukulele in hand, Rabbit stumbles into one adventure after another along the backstreets and breakfast tables of Eastern Slovakia. But as he hunts down old family stories, forgotten graveyards, ancient artwork, and modern fairy tales, he finds himself crossing hidden ethnic fault-lines with unexpected results.



What’s for Breakfast? The Forty After That

Patt Kelley

What’s for Breakfast? is a single panel gag strip that’s published every week in The Dig. This is the third volume that collects strips 81-120 that appeared in The Dig between 7/18/12-4/14/13.

12 pages/full color – $3.50

The previous volumes are: WFB-The First Forty and WFB- The Next Forty

The Abridged History of a Moon

Patt Kelley

Dogs run from their owners and flee the city. People are spontaneously ripped off the ground and sucked into the atmosphere. The world is ending and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Originally created for the 2013 Comicsworkbook Composition Competition “The Abridged History of a Moon” follows two people brought together by a secret crush and the end of times on a road trip to the ocean.
16 pages/full color $4.00

MICE Mini-Grant Winner!


Ben Doane

In a collection of strange and unfortunate shorts, unhappy monsters try their best to overcome birthday parties, lawsuits and bad habits. Not for kids, small dogs, or anyone with any respect for the dead. check it out here at http://jamjarastronaut.tumblr.com/

MICE Mini-Grant Winner!

Jet Brick and the Half-Chaste Date

Tim Finn

A guy in his 20s goes on a date that starts amazingly well in this 30-page black and white minicomic. Not for kids!

Oscar’s Kitchen #2: Eat at Joe’s

Charles Schneeflock Snow

The second installment of the Oscar’s Kitchen series. The kitchen staff get help with their demon troubles, but it turns out divine intervention only makes things more complicated.

Partially online at: http://oscarinhell.com/oscars-kitchen/part-2-eat-at-joes/

In a Single Bound #3

The Boston Comics Roundtable and friends

The third issue of the Boston Comics Rountable’s Boston superhero anthology, In a Single Bound. All super-hero stories, all set in Boston… and issue #3 is the all-female creator issue! Stories by Donna Martinez & Lindsay Moore, Aya Rothwell, Maria Photinakis & Lavinia Minkowsky, Line Olsson, Cathy Leamy, Alizee De Pin, Cara Bean, Mattie Glenhaber & Catalina Rufin!

Urban Nomad #4

Alisa Harris

Urban Nomad is a series of short, auto-biographical stories about living in NYC. Issue #4 includes a terrible bus ride, my first time at a hardcore show and silly observations of daily life.

Logjam: The Best F***ing X-Man Ever

Colin Panetta

Logjam is a vulgar, bootleg X-Men comic. Follow Logjam as he employs his reprehensible nature to the task of navigating society, never failing to come out on top.

Burn the Bridges of Arta (Part I)

Amelia Onorato

In Aristaios, architecture is everything. When Apollonia Ford, youngest daughter of the city’s most renowned architect, discovers the family handyman may know the whereabouts of her older sister, Elektra (missing since her wedding last year), she uncovers more than she bargained for about the nature and sacrifice of Aristaian architecture and the mysterious Guild of Arta.

Thematically and verbally probably PG-13 (for a couple swears and, like, human sacrifice, haha)


Doors at 8: Devil Went Down to Open Mic Night

Mike Costello, Tina Pratt

The legend of the Jersey Devil says he was born the 13th son of a Mrs. Leeds, and that he eats children, plays guitar, and wears a leatherÉ or at least that’s how we heard it. Join the Doors At 8 guys on this mystery adventure deep into the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens in ÒDevil Went Down To Open Mic NightÓ.

20 pages.


Biff Boff Bam Sock: Issues 1, 2, and 3

Anna Jo Beck

Biff Boff Bam Sock is a serialized zine featuring comics, fun facts, illustrations, and trinkets. You can see the entire series up at BiffBoffBamSock.tumblr.com.

Nico Bravo: New Tales of the Old Gods

Mike Cavallaro

When you’re a god, you can shop almost anywhere, but mythical creatures the world over know: for price, quality and service, Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop can’t be beat! As the shop’s only employee, Nico Bravo finds himself in one adventure after another! Suitable for all ages, the “Nico Bravo Collector’s Pak” debuts at MICE containing 5 issues of The Phoenix Comic featuring Nico Bravo, 3 buttons, 1 sticker, Cubeecraft ™ paper sculptures of Nico and Vulcan, and a custom printed envelope to hold it all, for only $25. LIMITED QUANTITIES! (visit www.mikecavallaro.com)


Carey Pietsch

A short, sweet, and sad one-page mini about a cat, initially drawn in August 2013. All-ages appropriate.

Rat King

Carey Pietsch

Initially created during 24-hour comics day 2012, Rat King is a story about exploration, monsters, and tough decisions we make to protect the people we care about.

Bit scary, but fine for brave YA readers!

Bottle Caps

Nick Offerman

A collection of comics including the MoccaFest Award of Excellence winning Revenant.

Venn Diagrams: Issue One

Nick Offerman

Short stories revolving around high school kids.

Oh, The Things You Won’t Know!

Kelly Phillips

A Seussical ode to a drunk girl’s night out, the details of which she’ll know nothing about!

A full-color parody of the classic book of advice, offering a practical tale of the imbiber’s worst vice.


24 Hours from Sometime

Marty Moyer

24 Hours from Sometime begins after Claire Wilcox has suffered five days of sleep depravation. She is hearing voices and experiencing hallucinations that star classic Hollywood characters – James Bond, Rick Blaine, Margo Channing, and Mr. Pink to name a few. Frightened, she admits herself to a psychiatric hospital where she begins to show signs of improvement – however not enough to be released.

The Ice Fisher

Laila Milevski

A woman beset by the food shortages of her Soviet city begins to watch an ice fisher with unusual habits. For middle-grade readers and older. More images here.

The Wild One

Laila Milevski

On her way home from school, Camila inadvertently discovers a magical and dangerous being in the forest, who thereafter she cannot escape. For middle-grade readers and up. More at this link.

Dirty Diamonds #4: Break-Ups

Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman (editors)

The fourth installment of DIRTY DIAMONDS! Featuring 12 stories about BREAK-UPS with boyfriends, spirituality, virtual pet gaming sites, and other subjects guaranteed to make you feel a little uncomfortable.

The limited edition version features a custom woodblock print cover on archival paper. It looks awesome!


Alisha Davidson * Ashley Austin * Carey Pietsch * Claire Folkman * Cyn Why * Dre Grigoropol * Jess Ruliffson * Jenny McKeon * Jillian Fleck * Kelly Phillips * Sam Johns * Win Evans


Dog City Issue 2

Editors: Simon Reinhardt, Luke Healy, Juan Fernandez

Dog City is a small press comics magazine dedicated to publishing quality minicomics. Each issue of Dog City consists of a curated selection of minicomics packaged in an artfully designed cardboard box.

The Specksynder


The Specksynder is 60 pages of systematically planned psychedoolia. Drain the swamps.

Nothing Should Be Precious

Dan Rinylo

It’s a regular hodge-podge! A sh!t – show! (Not for kids, though.) FIFTY TWO PAGES of comic strips and stories!!!

Mangy Mutt Comics Sampler

Dan Rinylo

Murray the mutt and Shmedley the cat – a couple of flea-bitten philistines just tryin’ to live their crusty little lives day-by-day! Follow them to each wild adventure’s side-splitting dead end! Meet sweet, sweet Patsy and her drunk dad! Explore the mysteries of the unknown! Assorted comic strips, Sunday pages, and full-color poster!

The Day and Night Drawing Book

Ira Marcks

A unique sketchbook full of imaginative drawing prompts.
Every page is designed to inspire new ideas.
This book is for creative kids and adults of every single age.

Created by cartoonist, Ira Marcks. iramarcks.com

Witch Knots

Ira Marcks

This is a story of the sea-side town, St. Forget.
It is a very old tale, full of love and superstition.
Full of monsters and magic. And like every old tale,
it is full of holes.

This book is appropriate for all-ages.




This new work from Ansis Purins features the forest and characters from his Zombre comic book series. This a “prequel” to the upcoming Zombre #3. 16 pages in full color. (features one swear word and one panel of a naked mermaid)

Pony Tale

Lena H. Chandhok

Callie is half-centaur but looks totally human, since she takes after her dad. How can she get in touch with her centaur roots?

$6. 28 pages. 5.5″ x 8.5″. Black and white. Various cover colors.

Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond “Gay” and “Straight”

Charles “Zan” Christenson, Carol Queen, Adam Pruett, Agnes Czaja, Alex Dahm, Amy T. Falcone, Ashley Cook & Caroline Hobbs, Bill Roundy, Ellen Forney, Erika Moen, Jason A. Quest, Jason Thompson, John Lustig, Jon Macy, Josh Trujillo & Dave Valeza, Kate Leth, Kevin Boze, Leanne Franson, Leia Weathington, Lena H. Chandhok, Margreet de Heer, MariNaomi, Maurice Vellekoop, Melaina, Nick Leonard, Powflip, Randall Kirby, Roberta Gregory, Sam Orchard, Sam Saturday, Stasia Burrington, Steve Orlando, Tania Walker, and Tara Madison Avery & Mike Sullivan.

From confessional, personal accounts to erotic flights of fancy to undersea identity politics, this collection of comics invites the reader to step outside of the categories and explore the wild and wonderful uncharted territory between ‘gay’ and ‘straight’.

$30. 216 pages. 7″x10″. Full color covers and interior.

Poupoule – Issue 1

Lior Zaltzman

Poupoule the cat is always a cold! That’s why he wears his hat and scarf everywhere. Luckily this doesn’t stop him from going on adventures and meeting another special cat. Appropriate for all ages, kid friendly.

Mr. Ledbetter’s Vacation

Written by H. G. Wells, Adapted by Lior Zaltzman

A comic adaptation of an H. G. Wells story. The story of the vacation that changed Mr. Ledbetter’s life forever. Appropriate for all ages.


Whit Taylor

An autobiographical story about a filing temp job that lead two college girls to develop an unlikely friendship.

Mindful Drinking

Cathy Leamy
Looking to cut back on the booze? Why not give mindfulness a try! Cathy Leamy digs into drinking habits and gets advice on slowing down and being in the moment from an unexpected source: A sloth! A new health info comic from the creator of Diabetes is After Your Dick!. 20 small pages, black and white. $2.00.

Animals with Hats (a lil’ coloring book)

Eric Boeker
A little coloring book featuring animals…with hats. Plain and simple. 24pages $2